Silly Girl

Tears streamed down her face, she could feel her soul being torn apart. She had done everything she could to make it work….but it just….hadn’t. Deep down, she knew it could’ve worked out, if only effort was made. Without effort you don’t accomplish anything, right? Silly girl, silly girl…she knew she could never be understood. Why was she so complicated? Why was she so messed up? Why couldn’t she just be sane? And why was she blamed for everything? These “whys” drove her crazy. Her heart broke down in agony. She hugged herself and screamed.

Yalnaz Alam

Girl Online (review)

Girl Online (picture of the novel at the end), an amazing novel by Zoella is the very reason I thought of starting my own blog! This novel is just so beautifully written! The 3rd book from the Girl Online series, and it has my heart ❤

This story starts off with a girl named Penny trying to figure out her life, she has her boyfriend missing, has no clue where he is, and it kills her each day, even though she hides it. Her best friend, Elliot, is going through hardships of his own, his parents are thinking of getting a divorce. Penny’s friend, Megan, takes her to her school where she meets a guy, thinking maybe it’ll work out, she gives it a try. What happens next will remain a secret 😀 I recommend you all to buy these series, you won’t regret it!

This novel taught me what’s yours will always come back to you at the end. And this very thing has me going on in life! Thank you so much Zoella, for inspiring me & inspiring all those who have read this amazing novel! 

Yalnaz Alam

The demon

He’s right beside you, smiling at you & you can’t even see him. His fingers touch your hair ever so softly & you don’t feel it, apart from the sudden drop in the temperature… He whispers your name & you turn around & find no one standing there. And he laughs, he laughs so menacingly & stares right into your eyes, you only feel like you’re being stared at, not having the slightest idea that you’re being laughed at too…that’s him, that’s the thing who’s always been with you since the day you came into this world….that’s him…the demon that’s within your head. The demon, that lives within you & lives WITH you.

 Yalnaz Alam 

Exams :'(

Hey guys, so exam season’s just round the corner…..and I have lots of work to do. Appearing for my A-Level exams this year (I have sciences as my subjects), and it’s hell….any tips on how to do well in exams? Need ’em badly 😥


Hello my fellow readers! Hope you are all good xx

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Until The Very End ❤

Mason Cooley said “Reading gives us someplace to go, when we have to stay where we are.” This is indeed true, when you open up a book, and the very first sentence catches your attention, you know deep down that it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Meeting new characters, going back in time if the novel’s based on the time way back. Now when I say “meeting new characters”, you really do meet them. You get to know them, their story. You step into a world of your own, taking in all the details that are in the book. That’s YOUR world, even after you have finished reading & you place the book down, that ” world” of yours remains with you until the very end ❤

Yalnaz Alam

Writing My Heart Out

Life, a word that sums up everything. From our very first cry to our very last breath, life. A journey filled with ups & downs, tears of laughter, tears of heart breaks. Waking up to a brand new day, filling it with brand new memories, with new mistakes, and new lessons. And ending that day with either a sigh or either with a smile.

Today’s blog won’t make much sense…as I just want to write my heart out, to realise the stress of today. So I woke up this morning, red eyed. Had to go to college but didn’t, change of plans, I fell asleep again, woke up again. You know about that feeling you get while you’re sleeping & you feel like you’re falling down in a hole, I got that feeling today when I was fully awake & very much in my senses…it was raining today, the weather matched my mood. Stepping out into my courtyard & letting the rain drops absorb my sorrow, I smiled. Life goes on, people come & leave. There’s no ‘forever’…Went to my room, picked up my books & started studying….an effort gone wasted. Who can focus with a mind like mine? Laid back down, processed my thoughts. And I found the solution. It felt like all the stress was leaving me, I felt at peace.

I’m the type of girl who does a lot for people, even though I don’t want to expect I do. And I get disappointed each time. But now I’m used to it. The thoughts that had popped up into my mind were ; People don’t care, they never did. They left you when you needed them. They left you crying. Why are you being so stupid & why are you still running after them? If they are yours they’ll come back to you. For now, take a deep breath & let go. Have faith in God. Talk to Him when you feel alone, tell Him everything, even though He knows everything. He won’t judge you, He loves you.

And this was it. The solution to my problems. The stress I had kept inside of me for so long, left me. I felt light, I genuinely smiled, after so long. And I’ve never been more grateful. And I plan to remain so, throughout my LIFE.

Yalnaz Alam


He loved her, but she was someone else’s. He cried over her, fought for her, did everything for her. He looked at her with such love in his eyes, he loved her more than anything, more than anyone. Always there to console her when she was low. He was always there, in the shadows, protecting her, watching over her. He handled in a way no one else could. He understood the messiest corners of her soul. He was her ‘guardian angel’ , the guy wanted to be her forever, even if that forever was as short as a second.

Yalnaz Alam

Not Even After Death Does Us Apart 

“BYE” he screamed at her & slammed the door at her face. The word cut through her soul, leading her to a permanent damage, a wound that could never be healed. She stood there, staring at the brown wooden door, tears streaming down her face. She banged her fist at the door & screamed in pain & anger. Sliding against the door, she sat down, hugging her chest, calming down her aching heart. What had she done? Did she deserve a BYE without any solid reason? She got up, brushed away her tears, and walked away towards the road, away from him.

He held his head in his hands, shaking with anger. What had he DONE?! How could he do this to her?! Agony seared through his heart. He heard a blood curdling scream.

There she lay, so still, so….dead.

He screamed and ran towards her. He hugged her limp body and held her face in his hands, apologizing repeatedly. Her eyes stared back blankly, as she whispered his name softly, and breaking the stare, left him. He sat there, holding the love of his life, who was now lifeless.

People had gathered around, all looking at him with sympathy. He heard the sirens of the ambulance coming near. Just then, the wind softly touched his cheeks and he could’ve sworn he heard her voice saying “Not even after death does us apart” and he closed his eyes, as tears fell silently down his cheeks.

Yalnaz Alam

Why I joined this community

Hello to everyone who’s reading this….I’m new here. A girl who wanted a platform where she could share her writings…a place where I can make new friends. I have this passion for reading & writing since I was a little girl. My real interest for reading novels & writing my thoughts started when I was in Grade 7. Our English Sir always encouraged me, telling me I had a potential for writing stuff. I did not pay attention at that time, as I thought that he was just trying to make me feel better….as I entered into my first year of O-level, it was a new school, new teachers, new everything. I was in my English class, and we were given the topic “A strange child”, just a short descriptive kinda thing. I wrote out my description and our English Sir asked me to read out my written work aloud. And I did. He looked and me & told me that it was quite good. That gave me the boost. Then I started writing, reading novels, and doing this gave me peace. It felt like words understood me more than humans ever could. A blank page never judged me when I filled it up with my thoughts, thoughts that drove me nuts. My pen encouraged me to go on, it didn’t interrupt me. And after I was done wrtitng all my thoughts on that page, I felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders…my senior recommended me to start a blog. So I thought why not give it a try. And here I am. I hope to make new friends & meet new people via my blogs.