Women lift up women

Today’s post is going to be on women. You know, I’ve had a fair share of women in my life, and not all of them were ‘women’… They never supported me like a real woman would. I have never had a close female friend. Apart from one though, her name is Menahil and if you’re reading this then just know that I love you ❤️ the rest of the women in my life? They have left no stone unturned in order to discourage me. There was a time when I said that I hate women, even though I’m a female myself xD But then moving on I realised that I hate women who let down other women. I won’t call them women, to be honest. I’ve seen some wonderful women on the Internet and even some who are actually in my social circle (but unfortunately I’m not that close to them) who lift others up, and I’m so proud of them. That’s what a woman should do, right? None of us have a right to tell the other woman that she has small breasts, doesn’t have a huge butt, or that she is fat and isn’t pretty and stuff. I’ve never believed in ugliness. Everyone is pretty, in their own way. Every single woman out there is pretty, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sending all my love and hugs to the women out there ❤️ You’re wonderful

Yalnaz Alam

Let’s talk

I’m back here after so so long and I’m so so sorry for not being active here! I felt like writing and this place came to my mind, so here I am… Today we shall talk about feelings, emotions.

All of us have feelings, right? We all get happy, sad, excited. But I think nowadays the most common feeling is the feeling of sadness. I have had my sad times too, I’m sure you all have too, and at times I never knew what to do in order to get out of it. Mostly I’d cry. And it made me feel better. People called me weak for crying, I’m sure they’ve called you that too. It’s okay, some humans can be heartless. Or some don’t know what we’re feeling. And that’s okay. Not everyone has to know what pain feels like. What matter the most is, that this feeling of sadness, and when we express it, shows us who are true to us and who understand us. This feeling shows us a lot of things too. That’s all I have in store for now I guess. It’s early morning here and I’m sleepy. Felt like ranting a little. I’ll be writing more here now too!!!

Also I’ve made a new Instagram account again @_yalnaz_! Go and follow me there you all, it would mean the world to me :”)

I love you all ❤️

Yalnaz Alam

Life gets better

Hey guys it’s been SOOOO long since I wrote something here. Busy with my exams and stuff.

So, a lot has happened to me in this one month. And I’m so grateful. Because the incidents made me a stronger person, they made me realize my worth, told me where I stand, showed me who actually cared for me who did not. At one point I was devastated with life, even got suicidal thoughts, but life gets better. This world has so much more to offer than pain and tears. I totally understand how sometimes life gets unbearable and you feel like you can’t bear one more inch of pain creeping into your soul. But trust me, it gets better. It always gets better. You are a strong human being,  a heart of gold, trust God, He won’t let you suffer, all this hurt that you are feeling right now is only to make you stronger tomorrow. Don’t give up!

Lots of love ❤

Yalnaz Alam ❤

Don’t Let Them Go

Good evening angels, how have you all been? So the last few days have been quite great for me thanks to ALLAH. I’ve learnt a lot in these days and I’ve realized the worth of people and the worth of feelings. I know every relationship has its ups and downs, loved ones break up, friends lose their friendships, families fall apart, etc. But what we must always remember is that we need to place the people we love before our ego. Our ego creates a lot of problems for us and after the damage to a beautiful relationship is done we sit and cry and regret our actions. Why not be more careful beforehand, right? Why don’t we think before we speak? Why don’t we think of the results of our words? Why don’t we imagine what it would be like to live without that specific someone? Of course mistakes are made by humans, and we have been given the ability to forgive thoses mistakes too. The sooner we forgive them, the sooner our mind is at peace. The longer we take the more impatient and cranky we get!

Forgive them, tell them they mean a lot to you and that you love them. Life is too short to hold grudges. Don’t let a beautiful relationship just break up like that. Sit down with them and work things out, handle it like a man, we all have enough wisdom to know how to deal with situations, just don’t let your ego take over you. Yes, self respect is important, but so is your peace of mind. Think about it, don’t make an even bigger mistake just because you’re angry at someone. You might never know what you’ll lose if you do so.

Yalnaz Alam ❤


Hey guys, how have you all been. Thought I needed a break from the stressful life of mine. I am honestly so messed up in the head. That feeling when you trust someone so much and they break it in a matter of seconds. How much does that hurt? It’s like your heart cripples and your soul aches in pain. Well that’s exactly what I felt. I feel like “loyalty” doesn’t even exist anymore.

I’ve had so many people in my life who’ve broken my trust. Each time I forgave them but now even I’ve had enough. Have any of you felt this way?

Yalnaz Alam 

The month of August

Here I am back again 😛 August has been one hell of a month for me, to be honest. Loads of ups and downs. But then again, life goes on and waits for no one 🙂 So I had my result on 10th August, didn’t turn out to be good ._. But oh well at least I got rid of Biology AND Chemistry which itself is a treat for me 😀 I hate science subjects so much, they’re just not my thing you know. More of a literature person. Can’t wait to be done with my Physics A-Level second year and get into a university soon ❤

Apart from studies I suffered due to some friendships too, new friends were made, old ones left, so on and so fourth. But well, if someone wants to leave you can’t stop them, right? And I’m so happy with my new company! Everything happens for a reason :’)

This month I even thought of changing my look, cut down my hair short which I now regret a lot 😦

How has August treated you guys so far? ❤

Yalnaz Alam ❤

Chester Bennington

Still can’t believe he is no more with us…looking at the song titles by Linkin Park I wonder how could’ve we ignored it all…he was always trying to express his pain through his music, through his beautiful voice! And we kept on ignoring everything, wondering what could possibly go wrong in a celebrity’s life!

That’s what we do, many of us don’t pay attention to the people around us! Even when they call for help we tend to ignore them…Please don’t do so…they need our help, if they call out to you, go and help them, trust me you’ll feel good too! I have been through depression, I have called out to people, people ignored me, they told me that I wasn’t depressed, whereas the truth is that you don’t get to decide if the other is depressed or not! If you tell a depressed person he/she is not depressed, they will shut themselves up, they will stop sharing their pain with the world…that very pain will eat them alive, until one day we hear the news that they’re no longer with us anymore. I have dealt with many depressed people, and I’m proud of myself that I helped them out. You guys can do so too, I know you all have a good heart, don’t let the darkness come to you and stop you from doing good. Help those who need help! We’ve lost many beautiful souls due to depression! None of us want to lose more, I know!

Yalnaz Alam ❤

The Lord Of The Rings

Recently bought the novels of  J.R.R Tolkein (The Lord of the Rings), currently on book one, and I’m HOOKED. Although I have to admit the start was quite boring and at one point I thought of placing the book down, but thank God I didn’t because it got so damn interesting as I moved forward! 😍 Gave me the chills! I’ll be writing a review on the complete series once I’ve read all the books 🙂 stay tuned ❤

How many of you have read the series? 😀

Yalnaz Alam ❤


Good morning fellow bloggers! How are you all? I hope you’re doing good 🙂

So today’s morning, hasn’t been exactly a good morning for me! Woke up crying, and cried through the night. For what reason, I don’t know… Or you can say I’m not ready to share it yet. We have all suffered a lot, we have all been misunderstood. We’ve stayed awake through the nights, crying our hearts out, at times this world doesn’t make sense, our lives don’t make sense. You can say that I’m going through this phase at the moment.

I’ve always been a straightforward girl, I cannot keep grudges, but, when it comes to the people who are close to me, I am that soft spoken girl who is always so polite and who listens to all the shit but doesn’t say a word! I’ve usually been misunderstood, and the others play the victim. How many of you have been through this situation? Heartbreaking isn’t it? We do so much for the others, yet in return we get tears and misery. I always stay quite, so that I don’t say something that hurts the others, but now it feels like the others don’t even care if their words are tearing my soul apart…it’s so heartbreaking.

I just had to write this to lighten my heart. Whoever is reading this, if you’re going through such phase, please stay strong. I love you.

Yalnaz Alam


Hello there fellow bloggers ^_^ How are you all? This will be my second blog in today but I’m so bored and I have nothing to do, thought might as well write a blog!

So, tell me, what have you guys been doing this summer? My summer was me absorbed into novels :”D One can’t get enough of brilliantly novels now, can they? Plus, I watched loads of different seasons such as Sherlock, Pretty Little Liars and stuff like that… And I am so very worried about my results as well…hate the fact that I am studying sciences instead of literature :/ But everything happens for a reason ❤

What have you guys been up to this summer? Talk!

Yalnaz Alam ❤