I’m back here after so so long and I’m so so sorry for not being active here! I felt like writing and this place came to my mind, so here I am… Today we shall talk about feelings, emotions.

All of us have feelings, right? We all get happy, sad, excited. But I think nowadays the most common feeling is the feeling of sadness. I have had my sad times too, I’m sure you all have too, and at times I never knew what to do in order to get out of it. Mostly I’d cry. And it made me feel better. People called me weak for crying, I’m sure they’ve called you that too. It’s okay, some humans can be heartless. Or some don’t know what we’re feeling. And that’s okay. Not everyone has to know what pain feels like. What matter the most is, that this feeling of sadness, and when we express it, shows us who are true to us and who understand us. This feeling shows us a lot of things too. That’s all I have in store for now I guess. It’s early morning here and I’m sleepy. Felt like ranting a little. I’ll be writing more here now too!!!

Also I’ve made a new Instagram account again @_yalnaz_! Go and follow me there you all, it would mean the world to me :”)

I love you all ❤️

Yalnaz Alam

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