Hey guys it’s been SOOOO long since I wrote something here. Busy with my exams and stuff.

So, a lot has happened to me in this one month. And I’m so grateful. Because the incidents made me a stronger person, they made me realize my worth, told me where I stand, showed me who actually cared for me who did not. At one point I was devastated with life, even got suicidal thoughts, but life gets better. This world has so much more to offer than pain and tears. I totally understand how sometimes life gets unbearable and you feel like you can’t bear one more inch of pain creeping into your soul. But trust me, it gets better. It always gets better. You are a strong human being,  a heart of gold, trust God, He won’t let you suffer, all this hurt that you are feeling right now is only to make you stronger tomorrow. Don’t give up!

Lots of love ❤

Yalnaz Alam ❤

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