Here I am back again 😛 August has been one hell of a month for me, to be honest. Loads of ups and downs. But then again, life goes on and waits for no one 🙂 So I had my result on 10th August, didn’t turn out to be good ._. But oh well at least I got rid of Biology AND Chemistry which itself is a treat for me 😀 I hate science subjects so much, they’re just not my thing you know. More of a literature person. Can’t wait to be done with my Physics A-Level second year and get into a university soon ❤

Apart from studies I suffered due to some friendships too, new friends were made, old ones left, so on and so fourth. But well, if someone wants to leave you can’t stop them, right? And I’m so happy with my new company! Everything happens for a reason :’)

This month I even thought of changing my look, cut down my hair short which I now regret a lot 😦

How has August treated you guys so far? ❤

Yalnaz Alam ❤

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