Still can’t believe he is no more with us…looking at the song titles by Linkin Park I wonder how could’ve we ignored it all…he was always trying to express his pain through his music, through his beautiful voice! And we kept on ignoring everything, wondering what could possibly go wrong in a celebrity’s life!

That’s what we do, many of us don’t pay attention to the people around us! Even when they call for help we tend to ignore them…Please don’t do so…they need our help, if they call out to you, go and help them, trust me you’ll feel good too! I have been through depression, I have called out to people, people ignored me, they told me that I wasn’t depressed, whereas the truth is that you don’t get to decide if the other is depressed or not! If you tell a depressed person he/she is not depressed, they will shut themselves up, they will stop sharing their pain with the world…that very pain will eat them alive, until one day we hear the news that they’re no longer with us anymore. I have dealt with many depressed people, and I’m proud of myself that I helped them out. You guys can do so too, I know you all have a good heart, don’t let the darkness come to you and stop you from doing good. Help those who need help! We’ve lost many beautiful souls due to depression! None of us want to lose more, I know!

Yalnaz Alam ❤

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