Needed a little study break so thought of writing here, it’s been long

This month has been one hell of a month for me! I can say that this year didn’t exactly start off as “great”, had many ups and downs, arguments with people, work load, etc etc. But in the end it all works out, right? I’ve had my fair share of problems to be honest, and only I can know how I dealt with them….

The thing with me is that I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone, no matter how much it hurts me in the process. A goody two shoes I am 😛 but well you see, this world isn’t made for the innocents, people like me are always stuck at one point or another! But I never give up, neither should you. And if any of my readers need a good listener, or wish to share their problems I’m always here…that’s all for tonight from my side, needed to clear my head a bit!

Lots of love xxx

Yalnaz Alam


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