Chester Bennington

Still can’t believe he is no more with us…looking at the song titles by Linkin Park I wonder how could’ve we ignored it all…he was always trying to express his pain through his music, through his beautiful voice! And we kept on ignoring everything, wondering what could possibly go wrong in a celebrity’s life!

That’s what we do, many of us don’t pay attention to the people around us! Even when they call for help we tend to ignore them…Please don’t do so…they need our help, if they call out to you, go and help them, trust me you’ll feel good too! I have been through depression, I have called out to people, people ignored me, they told me that I wasn’t depressed, whereas the truth is that you don’t get to decide if the other is depressed or not! If you tell a depressed person he/she is not depressed, they will shut themselves up, they will stop sharing their pain with the world…that very pain will eat them alive, until one day we hear the news that they’re no longer with us anymore. I have dealt with many depressed people, and I’m proud of myself that I helped them out. You guys can do so too, I know you all have a good heart, don’t let the darkness come to you and stop you from doing good. Help those who need help! We’ve lost many beautiful souls due to depression! None of us want to lose more, I know!

Yalnaz Alam ❤

The Lord Of The Rings

Recently bought the novels of  J.R.R Tolkein (The Lord of the Rings), currently on book one, and I’m HOOKED. Although I have to admit the start was quite boring and at one point I thought of placing the book down, but thank God I didn’t because it got so damn interesting as I moved forward! 😍 Gave me the chills! I’ll be writing a review on the complete series once I’ve read all the books 🙂 stay tuned ❤

How many of you have read the series? 😀

Yalnaz Alam ❤


Good morning fellow bloggers! How are you all? I hope you’re doing good 🙂

So today’s morning, hasn’t been exactly a good morning for me! Woke up crying, and cried through the night. For what reason, I don’t know… Or you can say I’m not ready to share it yet. We have all suffered a lot, we have all been misunderstood. We’ve stayed awake through the nights, crying our hearts out, at times this world doesn’t make sense, our lives don’t make sense. You can say that I’m going through this phase at the moment.

I’ve always been a straightforward girl, I cannot keep grudges, but, when it comes to the people who are close to me, I am that soft spoken girl who is always so polite and who listens to all the shit but doesn’t say a word! I’ve usually been misunderstood, and the others play the victim. How many of you have been through this situation? Heartbreaking isn’t it? We do so much for the others, yet in return we get tears and misery. I always stay quite, so that I don’t say something that hurts the others, but now it feels like the others don’t even care if their words are tearing my soul apart…it’s so heartbreaking.

I just had to write this to lighten my heart. Whoever is reading this, if you’re going through such phase, please stay strong. I love you.

Yalnaz Alam


Hello there fellow bloggers ^_^ How are you all? This will be my second blog in today but I’m so bored and I have nothing to do, thought might as well write a blog!

So, tell me, what have you guys been doing this summer? My summer was me absorbed into novels :”D One can’t get enough of brilliantly novels now, can they? Plus, I watched loads of different seasons such as Sherlock, Pretty Little Liars and stuff like that… And I am so very worried about my results as well…hate the fact that I am studying sciences instead of literature :/ But everything happens for a reason ❤

What have you guys been up to this summer? Talk!

Yalnaz Alam ❤

Been a while

It’s been a while since I last updated something here! How have you all been? How’s everything? Have you guys bought any new novel or found yourself a new hobby? I’ve noticed that people don’t interact much on blogs, meaning that they either praise the blog but don’t answer any of the questions, I’d love it if you guys will interact more with me 🙂 This way we can get to know each other better ^.^

Lots of love xxx

– Yalnaz Alam

Reflections Of A Man {Book Review}

Hello there! I’m so happy that I finally got my hands on this amazing book, Reflections Of A Man by Mr. Amari Soul ❤

This book is a must have for every human! For me, it turned out to be a lifesaver! It was like talking to this really understanding gentleman,  all the burdens being lifted up from your shoulders when you finally see that there is still some hope left in the world, still some people who know exactly how you feel! 

This book can save many relationships! It makes you understand your partner more, how they feel, why they react the way that they react. In short, if you want to understand human nature, this book is a must have! ❤ Brilliant words that touch your soul! :’) Loved it! 

I’d be so happy if you guys could grab a copy of this and read it through once, I hope you all will love it as much as I did! ^-^ 

A little sneak peek from the book ❤

Hope you guys will have a great time reading it ❤

Yalnaz Alam

Wasn’t her fault

She just spent her days loving and caring for others, but no one appreciated that. She got worried so easily, and people would call her crazy for that, but she didn’t care, because the only thing that could keep her sane was the well-being of her loved ones. She was misunderstood, people called her oversensitive, mad, clingy…but she was none of those. God had just given her a heart that felt a lot, a soft heart amongst all the stone ones…it wasn’t her fault now, was it?

Yalnaz Alam 

I’m always here…

Needed a little study break so thought of writing here, it’s been long

This month has been one hell of a month for me! I can say that this year didn’t exactly start off as “great”, had many ups and downs, arguments with people, work load, etc etc. But in the end it all works out, right? I’ve had my fair share of problems to be honest, and only I can know how I dealt with them….

The thing with me is that I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone, no matter how much it hurts me in the process. A goody two shoes I am 😛 but well you see, this world isn’t made for the innocents, people like me are always stuck at one point or another! But I never give up, neither should you. And if any of my readers need a good listener, or wish to share their problems I’m always here…that’s all for tonight from my side, needed to clear my head a bit!

Lots of love xxx

Yalnaz Alam


She gasped for air, looking around, trying to shout for help, she knew that the attack was ephemeral, nevertheless it was taking the life out of her. Everyone failed to understand her, and her anxiety attacks. It crumpled her insides, she could never understand why she got them, she failed to understand why no one understood this misery of hers. The room was spinning before her very eyes, she felt sick to the stomach, she just wanted someone to hold her when she felt like she was dying. But she had no one. No one could understand how it felt when you couldn’t breathe good, or when you wanted to cry without any reason. No one could understand that no matter how hard she tried, anxiety always had a way of coming back to her. No one could understand how it felt, when you feel like you’re drowning in your very own miserable self.

Yalnaz Alam